Teeth Grinders Deserve Better Sleep

Dental Grade Night Guard Meets Wearable Technology

Teeth Grinders Deserve Better Sleep

Dental Grade Night Guards Meets Wearable Technology
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Manage Your Teeth Grinding Through Personalized Health Insights Acquired From Your Data

byteSense M2 Guard help you optimally manage your teeth grinding personalized insights gathered from you over time.

Manage Your Teeth Grinding & Overall Health Through Personalized Data


Your byteSense Guard is a comfortable smart appliance you wear at night


The byteSense App studies your data to suggest changes to help improve your health.


We utilize your data to understand what is exacerbating your teeth grinding and in-app insights and provide recommendations on how you could better manage it.

Improve your Life

Your teeth grinding intensity and duration are influenced by various factors including lifestyle choices, stress and anxiety levels, sleep hygiene, diet, and more.

byteSense empowers you to detect and manage these factors, helping you to keep your bruxism under control and live a healthier life.

Lifestyle Choices

Over time, byteSense intuitively learns about your unique daily habits and lifestyle choices that impact your risk of nighttime teeth grinding, providing you with personalized insights to help manage and reduce bruxism.

Stress & Anxiety

byteSense Smart Night Guard uses your data to learn which exercises work best for you and provide stress management tools so you can reduce your likelihood of grinding.

Stress & Anxiety

byteSense Smart Night Guard leverages your personal data to identify the most effective exercises for you and offers tailored stress management tools, helping you minimize the risk of teeth grinding and achieve better sleep.

Sleep Quality

byteSense assesses your sleep quality using a range of data, including teeth grinding patterns and overall sleep behavior. It then provides personalized guidance based on your sleep trends, helping you take concrete steps to reduce teeth grinding and enhance your overall sleep quality.