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byteSense: The World's First Smart Night Guard

I’m so excited to finally be able to share what we’ve been working on here at byteSense.

We love the internet. We love life. We love using data to solve problems in a smarter way, and we really love our wearables. We love life. We love it all. And we really, really love software. We wanted to extend that passion towards solving a problem we all face here at byteSense – teeth grinding. The solutions offered today are outdated. There had to be a better way. So after doing copious dental research and talking to hundreds of dentists and consumers, we realized that we could use the power of technology to better deal with teeth grinding. Specifically, we can take control of our grinding habits by managing our lifestyle choices, addressing our stressors, and through better sleep hygiene.

We are not the first people to try to harness technological progress in this area to address teeth grinding. Over the past 40 years, researchers, dentists, and entrepreneurs have all tried, but they just couldn't successfully miniaturize the electronics enough to make wearing the night guard comfortable. Without miniaturization, no one can wear a smart mouthguard comfortably.As fellow teeth grinders, we were saddened to discover that they failed. It wasn't their fault either; the technology just hadn't caught up. However, times change and technology gets better. When we took on the challenge in 2020, technology had improved just enough for us to create a prototype that was somewhat wearable. Not quite commercializable though, but we proved it was possible, so for the next 3 years, we tirelessly devoted ourselves to miniaturizing the tech. Despite the failures of our predecessors, failure was not an option for us – teeth grinders around the world needed a better solution and we knew we could pull it off.

And today, we are thrilled to announce that we've successfully invented the most comfortable smart mouthguard in the world. It is capable of monitoring teeth grinding and sleep quality, and the data it collects will be utilized to help you deal with teeth grinding more effectively than ever before! The days of sticking a piece of plastic into your mouth at night and hope you don't grind are gone. With byteSense, you can more intelligently understand the source of your grinding. We want you to own a byteSense. Our guards come in a small and comfortable form factor comparable to one you would get from the dentist. It costs less, but it does so much more. With byteSense, you will finally be able to take positive steps towards effectively managing your grinding.

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