Born in a University Lab,Backed
by Top Dentists

byteSense was founded in Silicon Hills with a singular focus: improve teeth grinders lives

We know teeth grinding solutions are outdated. Innovation has stagnated and people are suffering because of it.That's why we built byteSense.

Open Letter: From the Founding Team
A movement that needs your help

The teeth grinding community has been ignored for far too long, so we've decided to start a movement.Our mission at byteSense is simple, we want to give everyone, no matter where they are—a chance to live a normal life despite their teeth grinding problem.

Our mission is to bring better solutions to teeth grinders around the globe.

The Future is Here

Like most of you, we didn't consider mouth guards from the dentist until we started noticing we were actually destroying our teeth.

Then we had to choose over expensive mouth guards from the dentist or cheaper, less quality ones from the local pharmacy.

We knew there had to be a better way, so we created byteSense to give you the best of both worlds--a quality, dental-grade mouthguard powered with cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes how you live with teeth grinding.

We partnered with uniquely talented Dental Professionals and Engineers to bring byteSense to life